March 24, 2008

Mix Master Mike: Mixmasterpiece - Muziks Worst Nightmare

Mixmasterpiece: very rare 1996 Mix Master Mike album. Thanks to Danger HxC who posted this on his site - I've been looking for this one for years.

By the way - my computer died last week so it may be a while before my next post. I bought a new one but I won't be up and running until I can eradicate Vista and replace it with XP.


casio hardcore said...

man, I had to do the same with my new laptop! I hate Vista! It looks nice and stuff, but it feels so freakin clunky and not to mention, a lot of my audio software doesn't run worth a shit in Vista! Honestly, I think I'd be content using XP for the next 20-30 years rather than move (dare I say) up to Vista.

Iconoclast said...

thank you for this post!

Eyes and Teeth said...

Big thanks for this one. You rock!
I totally agree with you on the Vista tip.... I kept Vista on my laptop which I really only use to surf the web and download music.

However on my good ol' desktop workstation (where all the music makin' magic happens) I am still running XP and it works like a charm.

Felix Fat Funk said...

Have to use windows for CAD and thus XP will not touch Fista with a barge pole (partition on a mac via bootcamp). The rest of the time Mac for my sanity, good luck mate.
Your site is a life saver for old gits wishing they had more money in their youth to buy everything(the days of record companies taking the p*ss.)


Caveman 'positive reaction' blinding old school hip hop, very London Uk. Get it if you can.

Henry Krinkle said...

Thanks. I did finally get it up and running after a few days. No problem removing Vista and installing XP but had a hell of a time finding drivers for the laptop. If I had my way I'd be using a Mac but I need XP for my job.

Glad you're enjoying the tunes.