April 11, 2008

Public Enemy: Bring the Noise 2000

Bring the Noise 2000: I found this "industrial megamix" over at ShutEmDown (a repository of all things Public Enemy). Apparently Chuck D originally put these remixes on the official PE site in 1998 but was forced to remove them by Polygram. To be honest, I haven't liked much from PE since Apocalypse 91, but, as evidenced by the article below, Chuck was dead on about the future of the mp3:

From an article (from 1998)on the same site:
Public Enemy leader Chuck D is speaking out about the record industry's stance against the MP3 file format. He tells Billboard Bulletin that the Def Jam act's attempt to post "Bring The Noise 2000" -- an unreleased collection of songs and remixes -- for free digital download at www.public-enemy.com was an act of defiance against the music industry. Four of the set's 27 songs were posted in MP3; the tracks were removed from the site shortly after news broke of their availability.

"That we don't like the way [PolyGram] has been handling the album, that goes without saying," says Chuck D of Def Jam's parent. "But the bigger picture is the entire industry and the legal aspect of the game skewing toward executives and against the creative. There are tons of artists that are having the same problems, but now we're in a situation where the industry can't pimp this technology like they've pimped every other form of technology. [The labels] invented the wild, wild west, and now that everybody's got a gun, what are they gonna do?"

Neither Def Jam nor PolyGram would comment.

Noted hip-hop producer Gary G-Wiz, who worked with Chuck D on the MP3 postings, claims that the project is a promotional effort and will not hurt retail sales. Chuck D says he will use MP3 again in the future.

"I'm gonna ride the MP3 like a mutha-f----n' cowboy riding a burro," says the veteran rapper.

01. There Were More Hype Believers Than Ever in 97 [#]
02. Welcome to the Terrordome [X-Games Remix]
03. Bring the Noise
04. You're Gonna Get Yours
05. Whole Lotta Love Goin on in the Middle of Hell
06. Don't Believe the Hype
07. How to Kill a Radio Consultant
08. Night of the Living Baseheads
09. Cold Lampin' With Flavor
10. Move!
11. Welcome to the Terrordome
12. What Side You On?
13. Hazy Shade of Criminal
14. Buck Whylin'
15. Yo! Bum Rush the Snow
16. 911 Is a Joke
17. Louder Than a Bomb
18. Rebel Without a Pause
19. G'damn Datt DJ Made My Day
20. Son of Public Enemy
21. Burn Hollywood Burn
22. Incident at 66.6 FM
23. Live and Undrugged (Pt. 1-2)
24. She Watch Channel Zero?!
25. Fight the Power
26. Mind Deep [Main][#]
27. Mind Deep [#][Instrumental]


dren said...

like u ,I haven't liked much from PE since Apocalypse 91! that's the last album i bought from PE, and it was in cassette form. ha3.God!anybody out there got Def Jef & ALT? keep up the good job

Eyes and Teeth said...

Man, nothing gets me amped up like Classic PE. This mix is fucking hot! No one brings it like vintage Bomb Squad. I have been bumping this steadily when I workout and drive to and fro. Thanks for this one.