March 20, 2008

Serge Gainsbourg: Les Annees Psychedelique 1966-1971

Les Annees Psychedelique: (from Turntablelab)From the same label who brought you those Serge edit EPs, Le Smoke Disque, here's a comp that digs even deeper into the psych side of Monsieur Gainsbourg. Serge's collaborators on these late 60s / early 70s cuts were French composers Michel Colombier, who worked with artists as diverse as the Beach Boys and Prince, and Jean-Claude Vannier, who composed the string arrangements for the classic Melody Nelson LP. Basically, whether you're looking for breaks or just some good dusty shit to smoke and chill out to, this is the Serge you want. (Though, if I could address the heads for a moment - "Requiem Pour Un Con(1)," "Danger(2)" and "La Horse(3)" all include seperate bonuts beat tracks!) Check out the sparse but effective Vannier orchestration on "En Melody(4)" or Colombier's Eastern influences on "Psychasteine(5)." Not just rarities either - classics like "Bonnie & Clyde(6)" with Brigitte Bardot and the epic "Breakdown Suite(7)" are also included. A very nice (and nice sounding) collection for these long, fuh-reezing cold winter nights.
1. Requiem Pour Un Con
2. Requiem Pour Un Con Bonus Beats
3. Je Navais Qu Un Seul Mot a Lui Dire
4. Sous Le Soleil Exactement
5. Chanson Du Forcat
6. Pas Mal Pas Mal Du Tout
7. New Delire
8. Bonnie and Clyde
9. Premiere Blessure
10. Danger
11. Danger Bonus Beats
12. Generique Pop 2
13. Photographes Et Religieuses
14. Boomerang
15. Psychastenie
16. Cadavres En Serie
17. La Horse
18. La Horse Bonus Beats
19. L Alouette
20. Breakdown Suite
21. No No Yes Yes
22. En Melody

My favorite track here is "En Melody" (sampled by Prince Paul on De La Soul is Dead). Check the video:


ksn said...

wonderful stuff, thank you!

there's a bunch of excellent SG comps at as well, that were still up recently.

cheers NYC,


Vinyl4Giants said...

This is tough!

Henry Krinkle said...

ksn: thanks for the heads up.

If you can get you email address to me I want to send you an invite to my other blog (post it here and I'll delete it)

Christophe said...

Thanks Henry!

I just wanted to correct the quote from Turntablelab: Jane Birkin is featured in a lot of tracks from Serge Gainsbourg, but not in "Bonnie and Clyde": that was Brigitte Bardot!

Henry Krinkle said...

Christophe: you're right - I fixed. it.


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