November 25, 2007

Mediafire should DIAF

I know the links are going down again, thanks to Mediafire's seemingly random deletion. They even deleted a few links that were never posted. Once I settle on a new host, I'll try to re-up the dead links. Until fixed, all dead posts have been removed.

If anyone has opinions on other hosts (I'm looking into and, but open to other suggestions), please let me know.


Vinyl4Giants said...

Dunno,dude. A lot of people hate on Rapidshare, but I've never had a problem with them... You don't happen to have the "De La Soul" samples from Strictly Breaks, do you? Any and all volumes? Got a couple of brothers looking for it. Used to have it, but it got reposessed before I could rip it. Let me know dude. Thanks.

Henry Krinkle said...
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Henry Krinkle said...

Thanks. I was thinking about going with Rapidshare - glad to hear you haven't had any problems.

As for the De La collection, I have Vol. 1 (look in Aug/07 archives)


ksn said...

rapidshare's worked great for lots of people...

good luck choosin'.

your blog ate my entire sunday recently - your music collection kicks some serious ass. many thx.

cheers from NYC,


toby said...

In my opinion Rapidshare is all ok, ive never had a problem with it but it is worth getting an account.
otherwise you got to wait for the dl,
their is a german website that you can put the link in to and it gives unlimited dl's but i dont know how good it is .
just came accross your blog and man you got heavy weight crates

thanks from the uk

Henry Krinkle said...

ksn and Toby: thanks for stopping by -glad you're enjoying the music.

As for hosting, I've decided to give Rapidshare a try. We'll see how it goes.

Matthew said...

Zshare is the best for files under 100MB. I have never had a Zshare upload disappear on me yet. Plus it tracks how many people download the file.
I have a Rapidshare account, but for some reason I have trouble uploading my files.

Henry Krinkle said...

You should definitely check out Sharebee. It simultaneously uploads your file to Zshare, Rapidshare, Megaupload and Badongo. If 1 link goes, the others will be intact.

Anonymous said...

I'll have to be the one that disagrees here, unfortunately; I can't stand Rapidshare, and never understood their popularity. Zhare seems to me a better bet, although the whole spam and pop-up can never escape that I suppose. As for MediaFire, there's a possibility that some hater's been deleting your links. It happens at other sites sometimes as well, pain in the ass. But MediaFire is great; too bad about the losses, though. And Sharebee's a good concept, runs well.

Henry Krinkle said...

Although I disagree about Mediafire, I too cannot understand the popularity of Rapidshare. I haven't had any problems with them but can't stand the wait times. Why people continue to use them when there are other comparable sites - without the wait - is a mystery to me.

To date, Sharebee is far and away my favorite.