November 27, 2007

Espresso Espresso: A Lightly Latin Blend

Espresso Espresso: out of print Latin Lounge compilation from The Karminsky Experience.
1. Serge Gainsbourg: Couleur Café
2. Teddy Randazzo: The Girl From U.N.C.L.E.
3. Corisco E Os Sambaloucos: Balancafro
4. Gimmicks, The: Roda
5. Marcos Valle: Pepino Beach
6. Baja Marimba Band: Flyin' High
7. Corisco E Os Sambaloucos: Carcara
8. Roberto Delgado & His Orchestra: Batucada
9. Roberto Delgado & His Orchestra: Mocoto
10. Ray Rivera: Bend Me, Shape Me
11. Gimmicks, The: The Joker
12. Stanley Black & His Orchestra: I Feel Fine
13. Xavier Cugat: Cugi's Cocktail (Hully Gully Cha Cha)
14. Cal Tjader & Eddie Palmieri: Modesty (Modesty Blaise)
15. London Jazz 4: Things We Said Today
16. Lill Lindfors: Mas Que Nada (Hor Min Samba)
17. Xavier Cugat: One Mint Julep (Cha-Cha Twist)
18. James Last: Happy Brasileira
19. Ray Rivera: Latin Workout
20. Wilson Simonal: Nem Vem Que Nao Tem
21. Burt Bacharach: Something Big
22. Berry Lipman Orchestra & Singers: My Heart Skips A Beat
23. Astrud Gilberto: Beginnings


Anonymous said...

Love the site, great choices.

Please don't switch to only RS!

Track #'s would be awesome!


Henry Krinkle said...

Thanks. As for RS, I didn't want to do switch due to the wait period, but many of the other hosts have been unreliable. I will still be using Megaupload for larger files.

Not sure why track #'s weren't included in the files - I'm sure they were tagged. Are you using iTunes or another player?

Anonymous said...