July 31, 2008

Sex-O-Rama, Vol. 1

Sex-O-Rama: re-re-re-up

1. Debbie Does Dallas: The Shower Scene
2. I Like to Watch: It's Your Day
3. Taboo: Hello Mother
4. Behind the Green Door: Ravishing Marilyn
5. Sex World: Green Door Fantasy
6. Jade Pussycat: Introducing Johnny Wadd
7. Legend of Lady Blue: The Examination
8. Eruption: Driving Ms. Bovee
9. Seka's Fantasies: Funkgasm
10. Opening of Misty Beethoven: Napoleon
11. Amanda by Night: Main Title
12. Deep Throat: Main Title


Anonymous said...

This album rocks so hard!!! Especially compared to the incredibly s**tty Vol. 2 which for some reason way easy to find, meanwhile, this much better vol. is near impossible to find. It's a tragedy. Anyone who sees this album used someplace, BUY IT!! You won't be disappointed. This was circulated around my Highschool for a while and we all loved it, then some jackass lost it and we have all been looking for it since then. Classic Porn Music!

jön said...
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Teeth and Eyes said...

Nice! A few video clips would spice this post up nicely.

Anonymous said...

Awesome blog music by the way...