August 2, 2008

Trey Parker and Dave Goodman: Immature (A Collection of Ballads for the 80's Man)

Immature (a collection of love ballads for the 80's man)
In 1987 Trey Parker (of South Park fame) recorded this album with his friend (and early South Park collaborator) Dave Goodman. The recording is lo-fi and the cassette-sourced sound quality isn't the best but Parker's wit and songwriting skill make it worthwhile.
By way of comparison, this album sounds a bit like the early Ween albums (mostly The Pod), only slightly less deranged. A full version with about a dozen songs exists but this is all I've been able to find online. Best track: I'm in Love with Myself.
1. Dead Ballerina
2. I'm in Love with Myself
3. I Spit on your Love
4. Sri Lankan Woman
5. Twin Brothers in Love
6. Without Lips


Brizz420 said...

I love this album! I've only heard the songs listed as well, not the other ones.I've seen the casette cover, though! If anyone knows where to find it complete please let me know! Any idea when this was done? I'm assuming in high school?

geoffrey wood said...

There were other songs. I was a year older than Trey, and two older than Dave G (or reverse). Went to HS with them, plus went to church with Dave and Eric Stough (also on South Park) where Dave's mom was choir director. Spread it around at Stanford my frosh year (1987-88) where it was well received. I'd love to get a copy again too . . .

geoffrey w said...

BTW, dug this up as i was listening to some Dash Rip Rock and their irreverence reminded me of the Immature album - and of course the general tone of South Park comedy . . .

Anonymous said...

one of the missing songs was titled "you suck" as i recall.

Anonymous said...

Just wait till someone grabs it...

Side One:

Dead Ballerina
Au Jus
I Spit On Your Love
Gotta Find That Train
You Jerk
Gonna Find U and Kill U

Side Two:

Without Lips
You're Not Worth The Dirt On The Lint Between My Toes
I'm In Love With Myself
Sri Lankan Woman
Twin Brothers In Love