July 29, 2008

Dusty Fingers Presents: The Mix CD

Dusty Fingers Presents The Mix CD: I found this over at Dust 2 Dust and am reposting it here for those who might have missed it. Highly recommended.


Umberto said...

Super Nice. This is one of those under the radar mixes... Thanks!


paul said...

I need the legend you has compiled a complete track listing for this - what in the world is track 27!
Thanks and thanks.

Vinyl4Giants said...

Yeah, this one is great. Contains some real amazing snippets on it. I'm getting ready to link this one up too.

NiceGuy Eddie said...

Thanks for the shout.
Dust 2 Dust Blog

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this - how do you d/load at Dust to Dust?

Henry Krinkle said...

You've got to find the link which is usually in the first word of text.