March 11, 2009

Sinatra & Jobim: The Complete Sinatra / Jobim Sessions

The Complete Sinatra/Jobim Sessions:
This double LP album, published only in Brazil by producer Roberto Quartin, has never been released before either on vinyl or CD, and contains all the songs played during the recording sessions that Frank Sinatra did with Antonio Carlos Jobim.

Two of these songs, Bonita and Sabia, were not included in any of the two previous records featuring Sinatra and Jobim, and confer to the "Sinatra-Jobim Sessions" album the status of a historic document, eagerly sought by Sinatra collectors all around the world.

Track List

01 the girl from ipanema
02 dindi
03 change partners
04 quiet night of quiet stars
05 meditation
06 if you never come to me
07 how insensitive
08 I concentrate on you
09 baubles, bangles & beads
10 once I loved
11 one note samba
12 don't ever go away
13 wave
14 bonita (*) Missing from US version
15 someone to lght up my life
16 desafinado
17 agua de beber
18 song of the sabia (*) Missing from US version
19 this happy madness
20 triste

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