March 6, 2009

Freddy Robinson: The Coming Atlantis [RE-UP]

The Coming Atlantis: thanks to Wireless Mike for ripping this from vinyl for me. I don't have a USB turntable yet but, provided he's willing to rip them, I should have a few other semi-rare gems from my vinyl collection to up. You may recognize the sample from "(I'm A) Fool For You" used on The Pharcyde's "Hustle".
1. Before Six
2. The Coming Atlantis
3. (I'm A) Fool For You
4. Freddy's Sermon
5. Black Fox
6. The Oggum Boogum Song
7. Rita
8. Monkin' Around


Kate said...

Good man, I could lend you a usb turntable in exchange for a sliver of your sonic know how...

sollo said...

Just got here - I am enjoying reading through your blog - just spotted this and wondered if you could re-up? please?

Anyway thanks for the shares. Peace. J

Henry Krinkle said...

Check back in a bit. I'll try to re-up it for you.

alwayskc said...

I'd just like to say: This album has FINALLY closed my Collection !! I've been searching for this every since Black Fox first hit the waves. I was too young to purchase it but, I was/is in love with music at birth (so that;s what everyone has said to me) Much luv for this !!! Now I can shut 'em down and enjoy some real good music !!!!!

Gondoo said...

My goodness...thanks for this rare album. Such a gem. Thanks Henry Krinkle.