September 5, 2008

Paul Nice: Choice Cuts

Choice Cuts: aside from the obvious gold on the first few cuts there's a lot of newer hip-hop on this one that I could do without - but it's still worth a listen for the Paul Nice production.

As a side note, if there are any dead links you need re-upped drop a note in the comments section.
1. AG, Gennessee: Definition Of Nice
2. Biz Markie: Turn The Party Out
3. Guru, Masta Ace: Conflict (Remix)
4. Beastie Boys: Hey Ladies (Remix)
5. Masta Ace, Greg Nice: Don't Understand (Remix)
6. Grand Agent: Grand Right Now (Remix)
7. Foreign Legion: Let Me Tell You Something (Remix)
8. Rasco: A View To A Kill
9. Rasco, Encore: Time Waits For No Man
10. Moka Only, Abstract Rude: Rolling Along
11. Street Reportas: Live By The Mic
12. Nightmares On Wax: Finer (Remix)
13. Paul Nice: Fists Of The White Lotus (Instrumental)
14. Paul Nice: Break It Down (Instrumental)

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