August 20, 2008

Ape vs. Mo'Wax [RE-UP]

Ape vs. Mo'Wax: 1997 Japan- only Mo'Wax compilation.
Disc 1:
1. Takagi Kan: Skit 1 - Cry Monkey
2. Nigo: March Of The General
3. Urban Tribe: Eastward
4. Takagi Kan: Skit 2 - Shorty
5. Urban Tribe: Eastward (Forme Remix)
6. Money Mark: Got My Hand In Your Head
7. Takagi Kan: Skit 3 - Woody
8. Attica Blues: Tender (Organised Konfusion Mix)
9. DJ Shadow: Midnight In A Perfect World (Original)
10. DJ Shadow & The Groove Robbers: Hardcore (Instrumental) Hip Hop
11. DJ Shadow & The Groove Robbers: 1/2 Bonus Scratchapella
12. Takagi Kan: Skit 4 - Cosmic Swim
13. UNKLE: Berry Meditation (The Darker The Berry, The Sweeter The Juice Mix)
14. Sukia: The Dream Machine (Space Echo Mix)
15. Takagi Kan: Skit 5 - Cry Monkey Dub

Disc 2:
1. Takagi Kan: Skit 1 - Child Play
2. Money Mark: Cry (Dust Brothers Remix)
3. Liquid Liquid: Cavern (Let's Hear It For The B-Boy Remix)
4. Takagi Kan: Skit 2 - Desert
5. UNKLE: Last Orgy 3
6. Attica Blues: 3ree (A Means To Be) (Showbiz Remix)
7. Liquid Liquid: Scraper (Psychonauts Remix)
8. Takagi Kan: Skit 3 - Lesson 4?
9. UNKLE: Rock On (John King Remix)
10. As One: Soul Soul Soul
11. Takagi Kan: Skit 4 - Just One
12. DJ Shadow: What Does Your Soul Look Like (Part 1) (Peshay Remix)
13. Takagi Kan: Skit 5 - Angel
14. Deborah Anderson: Lonely Without You
15. DJ Shadow: Stem (Cops 'n' Robbers)

[NOTE: I think track 3 cuts out a bit prematurely on this one, otherwise it should be fine]


colemanrobert said...

thanks for the mo wax been a massive fan from the off, but never seen this
ta very much

colemanrobert said...

shame i cant find the link or is that the coming soon bit?

Vinyl4Giants said...

This one's crackin'! Keep it up!

blueadam said...

Indeed. Also, works fine.

Anonymous said...

Great Comp. Great work. Much respect to you!
Keep it up.


apani said...

Thank you!

rogerebert said...

Great record. Big up for this find.

Anonymous said...


Danny said...

Superb.....been after this for a while....great blog. Thanks, thanks, thanks.

Jim said...

Marvellous, thanks for this and the Headz post. These are now on rotation on the ol' mp3 player.

Thanks again.

Henry Krinkle said...


Anonymous said...

BAPE + UNKLE what a combination - thank you for such a treat - you're a gent sir!

Anonymous said...

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