June 11, 2008

MC Paul Barman: It's Very Stimulating

It's Very Stimulating: Paul Barman's first EP isn't nearly as developed as his full-length follow up, "Paullelujah!", but it's still pretty awesome. This one won't be to all tastes, but if you enjoy word play and take some time to follow the rhymes (not just for their content but their construction) you'll love it. Production by Prince Paul.
1. An Introduction
2. The Joy of Your World
3. School Anthem (featuring Mr. Len)
4. Salvation Barmy (featuring Black Italiano)
5. I'm Fricking Awesome (featuring DJ Avee)
6. MTV Get Off the Air, Part 2 (featuring Princess Superstar)


Eyes and Teeth said...

Man I love this EP.... Paul Barman has mad skills.

hooks said...

one of my favourites, i remember playing to friends when it came out just to watch their faces, an underrated classic