June 9, 2008

Beastie Boys: ORIGINAL ILL

Original Ill: bootleg release of demos from Licensed to Ill plus two unreleased tracks. Thanks to Palouta for finding this one. More info on the making of Licensed to Ill can be found here.

Rhymin' & Stealin' (4:18)
The New Style (4:44)
She's Crafty (3:38)
I'm Down (3:42)
Posse In Effect (2:28)
Fight For Your Right (3:27)
No Sleep Till Brooklyn (4:32)
Paul Revere (3:43)
Brass Monkey (2:38)
Hold It Now, Hit It (3:33)
Girls (2:12)
Slow And Low (3:41)
Time To Get Ill (3:36)
Fight For Your Right #2 (4:07)
Scenario (5:01)


casio hardcore said...

Classic, but unless you're a die-hard Beastie-Nerd (such as myself), most people won't notice the differences between these and the proper "LTI" tracks. For example, at the end of Rhymin & Stealin, Mike D clearly says "I smoke my crack and I'm rhymin & stealin" and although it's subtle, it was edited/replaced on the proper album.

On "Fight For Your Right", the drums are slightly different (including a running high hat during the chorus) as is the guitar and there is an alternate 3rd verse about "a girl on the train and wants to get loose/well she likes it up front but she prefers the caboose..."

On "No Sleep Til Brooklyn", the drums are slightly different (different kick drum that sounds like its got too much wet on the reverb) and there are some variations on the lyrics. On this version, the line goes "MCA's in the back cause he's sleeping with a whore" whereas on the proper album, it says "kissing with a whore". Also, there's some variation on the effects used on the vocals.

And then of course there's the track "Scenario" and what I wouldn't give to have the proper version of this song...or at least one that doesn't sound like it's drowning is reverb. It's a shame because it's such a dope track even though it's pretty much a rip-off of Schooly D's "PSK What Does It Mean" track.

If you've ever seen the movie "Pump Up The Volume", the song is featured in during the movie (but not on the soundtrack) and it doesn't sound all muddy. What I wouldn't give to have that!

I could go on, but I would even further nerdify myself....

Excellent post!!!


Capodibloggo said...
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Brian said...

As a true die-hard Beastie-Nerd myself, I would dearly love to have a copy of this. However, the link to download from Rapidsh!t is no longer valid. If you could find in in your heart to repost this file somewhere or send it to me directly, I would be forever in your Gratitude, And That's Right!

Good Times Gone, And I Missed Them...


Henry Krinkle said...

Try this link: http://www.mediafire.com/?mtmiudlmymo