January 14, 2008

Mad Kap: Look Ma Duke, No Hands

Look Ma Duke, No Hands: Mad Kap's only album was largely ignored when it was released in 1993 but it's held up pretty well for a 15 year old album. I bought it when it came out but have no idea what led me to it. Some really nice production and beats here, a bit like The Alkaholiks (who had some involvement in this album and also on Loud Records). Best tracks: Proof is in the Puddin', Here comes the Break, Check it Out.
1. (Da Bud Zone) Here Comes the Break
2. Da Whole Kit and Kaboodle
3. Irrelevant (Dickie's Emporium)
4. When It Rains It Pours/Cheeba²
5. Check It Out/Oh Ph*ck Me Right? - King Tee, MadKap,
6. (Oh Ph*ck Me Right?) Ph*ck What Ya Heard
7. (Thoughts on the Indoe from Joe)/Proof Is in the Puddin'/ (Excuse ...)
8. Beddie-Bye
9. Dopest Verse

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