November 15, 2007

Lovage: Music to Make Love to Your Old Lady By (Instrumentals)

Music to Make Love to Your Old Lady By (Instrumentals) More from the Automator:
1. Pit Stop (Take Me Home)
2. Anger Management
3. To Catch A Thief
4. Book Of The Month
5. Lifeboat (Officer And A Gentleman)
6. Strangers On A Train
7. Sex (I'm A)
8. Stroker Ace
9. Archie & Veronika
10. Lies & Alibis
11. Koala's Lament
12. Everyone Has A Summer


E.P. said...

True to your word, thanks.

Henry Krinkle said...

my pleasure - enjoy.

Vinyl4Giants said...

can't begin to tell you how essential this is... thanx again, peace.

EricSepulveda said...

can you repost this? link isnt working anymore. thanks a million

Henry Krinkle said...

I'll repost soon. Thought Mediafire worked out it's problems - evidently not.

EricSepulveda said...

thanks for re-upping it man. im stoked to have these beats.

Henry Krinkle said...

No problem - enjoy.

abdullah said...


dnoyolaf said...

Appreciated, man.