November 15, 2007

Dan the Automator: Music to be Murdered By

Music to be Murdered By: this is a rare early 12" (1989) from Dan the Automator. Nothing amazing here (when measured against his later releases) but completists will be glad to hear it. The vinyl would be much better as side B (the bonus noise) has some nice clips for scratching.
1. Music To Be Murdered By (5:40)
2. Get Down To The Funky Sound (5:09)
3. Do You Wanna Dance (5:10)
4. Bonus Noise (3:03)
5. Bonus Noise (2:18)
6. Bonus Noise (1:52)
7. Bonus Noise (0:35)


Anonymous said...

whats the password to download the file?? ...thanks a million.

Anonymous said...

KRINKLE ----- i got it, my baaadddd. this blog is nice.