October 16, 2008

The DIX: The Art of Picking Up Women [RE-UP]

Another unusual project from one of my favorite producers, Prince Paul. The Dix is a fictional R&B group from a fictional place called Compton, New York. Its real members are producer Prince Paul, Mr. Len, Mr. Dead and Don Newkirk. Their album, The Art of Picking Up Women, is influenced by both classic funk and soul music as well as contemporary styles such as hip hop and raggamuffin. The album's CD is packaged with a bonus DVD which features a mockumentary about the group. I'm guessing that Paul's inspiration for this was bands like Doug Clark and the Hot Nuts (who I discovered in my father's record collection). More on them on Wikipedia.
1. Intro To Women
2. Here Comes The Dix
3. Tears In My Eyes (Dirty Girl)
4. I Luv U Girl
5. When I Come Home To You
6. From The Top
7. Outro To Women
Here's the trailer to the DVD:


Michael said...

hate to say gimme the dix but, it times out every time i try and dl it. really was excited bout this. is it just me?


Henry Krinkle said...

Michael: Mediafire has been buggy lately but the link seems to be working now. Try it again and let me know if you still have problems.

Michael said...

got it! thx. can't wait to hear this on.

Alex said...

hi! been looking ages for this got medifire working but cant seem to get the pass the ask for DL.. krinkle dosent work capsed or not

notes from underground said...

Thank you for this! I was looking all over the internets the other day looking for this. I downloaded you "Return of the Dew-Doo Man" Mix but it won't play in my Windows Media Player. Any chances of a re-up? Keep up the great work!

Henry Krinkle said...

Not sure why it's not working in WMP - it plays fine in iTunes.

apani said...

Thanks for this!

alley al said...

what is the pass ion mediafire?

alley al said...

my bad i got my comments mixed up.
i meant to say may i get a reup not on shareonall?
thank you.

Unknown said...

yooooo I NEEEEEED this