September 10, 2007

Strictly Breaks: Beyond the Valley of the Beats

Beyond the Valley of the Beats:
1. Path To Ascension - Yves Hyatt
2. Slinky - John Murtaugh
3. Walk Up Moses - The Spencer Jackson Family
4. Gang Progress - Pierre Duchamp
5. An Elephant Called Slowly - Howard Blake
6. Never Knew What Love Was - Christine Harwood
7. I Got Six - Multiplication Rock
8. Hot Dogs - Jacques Delon
9. Rocking Chair - Hightower
10.Product Efficiency - Johnny Pearson
11.Kriminal Theme - The Maledictus Sound
12.Two Three Four - Novi Singers


Obsidian said...

Nice drop. Thx for all the dls.

Love Infinite....

Henry Krinkle said...

Thanks, and glad you enjoyed it.

Vinyl4Giants said...


Anonymous said...

this doesn't work! I can't seem to DL, can you re-up?>>>????

Henry Krinkle said...

I think this is a problem with Mediafire (I had the same problem with another file). It should be cleared up by Mediafire in a day or so.

Anonymous said...

Ok, thanks I'll keep checking the file.

Henry Krinkle said...

Link is back up now.

Anonymous said...

but ...the password?
great site man!!

Henry Krinkle said...

The Pass is KRINKLE

ksn said...

discovered your blog last night, you've got a bad-ass music collection, i'm finding incredible stuff here (started with dusty fingers - awesome).

thx for those, i'll be checking back often.

cheers from NYC,


abdullah said...

great! great records
everywhere i look
thanks and peace from south america

apani said...

Good looking on this!