September 12, 2007

Cut Chemist Meets Shortkut: Live at the FuturePrimitive Sound Session

Live at FuturePrimitive:
1. The Periodic Table
2. Tiny Bells
3. Life As A Shorty Shouldn't Be So Rough
4. Open/Close
5. No Mistakes In This Number Song Remix
6. Lesson 6
7. Fats Comet's Tackhead Beat
8. Chuck D Counts Down To Armageddon
9. King Kumoniwanaleia
10.Ready On The Right
11.Solid Squealer
12.Biggety Balls - Monkey = The Real Deal
13.Let's Dance On Planet Rock
15.Moonbase Alpha
16.Prince Of The Beats
17.You Are Getting Scratchy
18.Cak CA Ba Ba
19.Slow Fresh
20.Are You Ready?
21.You Don't Stop
22.Who Rocks The House?
23.Flight Of The Bumblebee


alley al said...

this had a track list? did the radar & ztrip one have it, too?

Henry Krinkle said...

I don't remember seeing it on the (I'll have to check my copy), but I found the tracklist on and amazon.

i don't think the z-trip & Radar album has one.

Vinyl4Giants said...

Damn! Nice! I was gonna post this too... You beat me to it, though. Good lookin' out...