August 30, 2007

Strictly Breaks: Beatnuts Collection, Vol. 1

Beatnuts Collection, Vol. 1:

1. Enoch Light - A Little Fugue For You And Me (Used for No Escapin' This)
2. Janko Nilovic - Supra Pop Impressions (Used for Cpntact)
3. Julio Gutierrez - Se Acabo (Used for Se Acabo Remix)
4. Andy Loore - Mixed Drums (Used for It's Da Nuts)
5. Jacoues Loissier - Caseine (Used for Yo Yo Yo)
6. Bernard Wystraete - Daydream (Used for Mayonnaise)
7. New Vaudeville - A Nightingale (Used for Turn It Out)
8. Roger Maxwell - Never On Sunday (Used for You're A Clown)
9. Donald Byrd - Wee Tina (Used for Props Over Here)
10.Glass Prism - Here You Are (Used for Hellraiser)
11.The Sons - Boomp Boomp Chop (Used for Straight Jacket)
12.Hugo Montenegro - Again (Used for Rik's Joint)
13.Blowfly - Sesame Street Theme (Used for Spelling Beatnuts With Lil' Donny)
14.Enoch Light - Hijack (Used for Watch Out Now)
15.Afro Lafayette Rock Band - Hihache (Used for Off The Books)
16.R. Allen - So It Doesn't Whistle (Used for Story 2000)
17.Melvin Van Peebles - Break That Party (Used for Off The Books)
18.Buddy Baker - Sign Song (Used for Off The Books)
19.Bob McGraph - Me (Used for Be Proud)
20.Los Angeles Negros - Fueron Tres Anos (Used for Do You Believe)
21.Chrysalis - 30 Poplar (Used for Finger Smoke)
22.The Electric Prunes - General Confessional (Used for Niggaz Know)
23.Henry Mancini - Theme For Losers (Used for Thinkin 'Bout Cash)
24.Galt Macdermot - Bedroom (Used for Uncivilized)
25.Dizzy Gillespie - The Matrix (Used for Worlds Famous)
26.Tomita - Golliwog's Cakewalk (Used for Psycho Dwarf)
27.The Panzant Brothers - New Orleans (Used for On The 1 And 2)
28.Booker Irvin - The Confined Few (Used for No Equal)
29.Dizzy Gillespie - Manteca (Used for Quality And The Bushmen Off The Top)
30.Chris Hinze - Easy Answering (Used for Story)
31.Bill Doggett - Honey Tonk (Used for Are You Ready)


johnsoncody said...

Awesome!!! Where on Earth did you find this? Thanks.

flyaway said...

do you (or anyone else reading this) know who the singer is on the song: Los Angeles Negros - Fueron Tres Anos (Used for Do You Believe)
its a female singer so it cant be Los Angeles Negros can it? maybe they did a collaboration with someone?

Henry Krinkle said...

flyaway: I could be wrong but I think that's a man singing that song.

apani said...

Thanks for this!