August 29, 2007

RJD2: Constant Elevation - The "Say Word" Mix

Constant Elevation Mixtape:
1. Intro
2. Betty Wright: I Love The Way You Love
3. Omid: Wading Venus (featuring - Nobody)
4. Peanut Butter Wolf and Madlib: Rawcore
5. RJD2: The Horror
6. Goblin: Profundo Rosso
7. Z-Trip: Backyard Banger (Featuring E Moss, The Troublemaker)
8. Go G. Whiz: Captain G. Whiz
9. Soul Position: Unlimited
10. MOP: G Building
11. The Theme To 'Mystery'
12. Joe Cocker: Woman To Woman
13. Steinski: Vox Apostolica
14. Diverse: Certified
15. Tears For Fears: Head Over Heels
16. RJD2: Counseling
17. El-P. Day After The Day After
18. Cheif Xcel: Multitude
19. Thomas Dolby: Blinded Me With Science
20. Jay-Z: Jigga What, Jigga Who
21. This Kid Named Miles: Slight Amnesia
22. Junior-Mama: Used To Say
23. The Theme From 'Knight Rider'
24. Recloose: Chipwanga


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Paul said...

feel free to up this:


Henry Krinkle said...

Thanks a lot, I haven't heard of this one before. By the way, Pete's Treats will be going up soon

Henry Krinkle said...

Paul: do you have a password for this? The RAR is asking for one.

Paul said...

iRis is the pass mate