February 24, 2010

DJ Shadow: Best of Mo'Wax 12's (Bootleg)

The DJ Shadow Collection:
01. Karmacoma - Massive Attack (u.n.k.l.e situation)
02. High Noon
03. Painkiller - Depeche Mode (kill the pain mix)
04. Devil's Advocate (heaven and hell)
05. Swan Lake - Blackalicious
06. Last Stop - Groove Robbers feat. DJ Shadow
07. Dark Days
08. Natural One - Folk Implosion (DJ Shadow remix)
09. Stem (lp version)
10. Influx (12' version)
11. Back 2 Back Breaks
12. What Does Your Soul Look Like (version 4)
13. Send Them - DJ Shadow feat. Asia Born
14. Midnight in a Perfect World feat Gift of Gab (radio version)
15. Divine Intervention feat Divine Styler and DJ Shadow
16. Lost and Found
17. March of Death feat. Zack de la Rocha


Don said...

i like that thanks!

Ben The Ageing B-Boy said...

Can't beat a bit of Mo Wax. Thanks!

rudeboysven said...