March 9, 2011

WAR: The Other Side of WAR Warms Your Heart [RE-UP]

The Other Side of WAR Warms Your Heart: the sound quality here leaves a bit to be desired (the record's in tough shape) but I haven't seen this posted anywhere else. I don't know a whole lot about this album but I think it was made when the band split and there was some legal wrangling over who could use the name. This "other side of war" is much lighter, understated outing than any of their previous albums. Thanks again to Wireless Mike for the vinyl rip.

La Chanson (The Song) (2:54)
Toujours, Toujours (Always, Always) (2:30)
Loving Memories (3:18)
Sweet Ca'line (2:53)
Blushing Tears (2:45)
Moving Along (3:03)
Time Is Tight (3:14)
California Spring (3:04)
August Love (2:58)
Italian Lover (3:12)
La Vie C'est La Vie (The Life That Is The Life) (3:05)
Precious Memories (3:02)
Spanish Love Call (2:20)
On Fire (2:36)
Roses Are Blue (2:32)
Ripe Bananas (2:47)
Exodus (2:15)
Churchin On (3:08)
Nothing You Can Do (2:51)
A Cup Of Soul (2:43)
Afro Cuban-Opus No. 1 (2:33)
God Is Love (3:09)
Gloriosa Superba (The Poison Plant) (2:40)
The Bamboche (Haitian Open Air Dance) (3:02)
Cuando Calienta El Sol (Love Me With All Your Heart) (3:44)


Fadel said...

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Дмитрий said...

re-up, please! link is dead

Breaksky said...

Please, pleae re-post a link. It's rare to find this records.
Have a nice day !

Cherry Lou said...

Hello ! Nice blog !
For this album of War the link is dead...PLEASE if it's possible to re-upload ?
Thanks !


Henry Krinkle said...

Check back next week. Let me see if I can find my digital copy.

Breaksky said...

Thanks a lot Mr Henry Krinkle !!!

jeffrey lee said...

In regards to this album; I believe the three (future) members of WAR, were only recording as studio musicians. I recall buying this album in late 1974/early 1975 when the band WAR were still commercially viable. Most likely Harold Ray Brown (drums), Leroy "Lonnie" Jordan (keyboards), and Morris "B.B." Dickerson (bass), were called in as they were all known 'top notch' L.A. studio pro's at the time (in soul music circles), and could pull off a quick session as they were probably quick studies, and improvisational.
The producer more than likely called upon Harold Brown, or Lonnie Jordan...and B.B. Dickerson was a part of the rhythm section already established with Brown. Who want's to to turn down a pay check recording with Bobby Womack...right? The album was a bit of a disappointment, but I knew then what it really was...a session that was recorded at time when the prospective producer was hoping for an opportunity to release it the material when the time was right, but it never gelled. Suffice to say, the tapes languished in the vault until the three members of WAR were at their commercial peak, and the the session tapes went exploitive. I'm certain Bobby Womack, and the members of WAR were somewhat embarrassed at the time of the albums release. The sessions were probably slated for somebody else's album, or was going to end up as stock-library music for films. The (future) principle members of WAR were already seasoned veterans, recording, and performing under the names of 'The Creators' (as house band with the Doré soul label, 'The Romeos', 'Nightshift' (backing the NFL L.A. Ram's defensive back 'Deacon' Jones, and late members of Charles Miller's 'Señor Soul'; releasing two singles on the Whiz label in 1970 (while with Eric Burdon & WAR ). So what's not to understand ? These guy's had a long recording, and performing history under many guises, and sought to procure as much money as they could under many circumstances as providence might present itself.

Henry Krinkle said...

@Jeffrey: thanks for the very informative comment. I don't check the blog much these days and apologize for the delay in posting it - I just saw it when I was clearing out my inbox. Thanks again.