September 18, 2008

Heath vs. Ros: Swing vs. Latin, Rounds 1 & 2

Swing vs. Latin: this is a really interesting album. Apparently, both bandleaders recorded their respective parts separately with full bands (you can hear Heath's swing band in the left channel and Ros' latin band in the right) and the tapes were merged together to make this album. Best tracks: "Speak Low", "Desafinado".

1. South America Take It Away
2. Coffee Song
3. In the Still of the Night
4. Come Rain or Come Shine
5. Desafinado
6. Miserlou
7. Ted Meets Ed
8. Heat Wave
9. MalagueƱa
10. Speak Low
11. Anything You Can Do
12. America
13. There Once Was a Man
14. Baby, It's Cold Outside
15. Bye Bye Blues
16. Tiger Rag
17. Granada
18. Come to the Mardi Gras
19. Begin the Beguine
20. Daddy
21. Solamente Bob Efford
22. Friendship

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Umberto said...

Oh... I really like this one. Nothing like timeless music to put everything back into prospective.