August 12, 2008

Give 'em Enough Dope, Vol. 3

Give 'em Enough Dope, Vol. 3: again, thanks to Jon for sending this my way.

1. Rester Eveille - Rollercone
2. Tropicano - Les Rythmes Digitales
3. Pseudomorph - Spacer
4. Fragments of a Lost Language - Jacob's Optical Stairway
5. Mess of Afros - Q-Burns Abstract Message
6. Perfect Day - Ballistic Brothers
7. Autosuggest - Tiny Stars
8. Take California - Propellerheads
9. Central Pro NYC
10. Alligator Voodoo - Russ Gabriel
11. In the Trees - Faze Action
12. Samba Magic - Basement Jaxx


Vinyl4Giants said...

what up, doc. got some stuff up that I think you'll dig. steady trying to get my momentuum going again. stay up. hope thingsre going good for you. peace.

Umberto said...

Krinkle... hope everything is well. Thanks for keeping it heavy in rotation.