June 26, 2008

Cheap Trick: In Color 1997 (Steve Albini Sessions)

In Color 1997 - Steve Albini Sessions: a good bit of info on this album available HERE
(from that page) On the radio show "Rockline" in 2003, someone called in and asked the band for the history behind the rumored Steve Albini version of the "In Color" disc, and Bun E. Carlos gave the explanation. The "In Color" album was produced by Tom Werman, but the band always felt that Werman screwed up the album. "He made it safe for radio, but the album sounds like it was done in a cardboard box." So in the late 1990s they were in the studio hanging around with the producer Steve Albini, and had nothing to do for a few days, so they said "Yeah, that would be fun to redo that." So they started re-recording the songs. They Did not finish the album, not all the harmonies or instruments are on it yet, but it can be found on the internet. It includes two versions each of "I Want You to Want Me" and "Oh Caroline" as well as a cover of John Lennon's "I'm Losing You."
01 - Hello There
02 - Big Eyes
03 - Downed
04 - I Want You to Want Me
05 - You're All Talk
06 - Oh Caroline
07 - Clock Strikes Ten
08 - Southern Girls
09 - Come On, Come On
10 - So Good to See You
11 - Fan Club
12 - I Want You to Want Me (alternate)
13 - Can't Hold On
14 - I'm Losing You
15 - Oh Caroline (alternate)


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