November 24, 2008

Curtom Chartbusters [RE-UP]

Curtom Chartbusters: Thanks to b-minus for sending this to me again.
Curtom Records was a record label started by Curtis Mayfield of The Impressions along with Impressions associate Eddie Thomas (the bands manger and Jerry Butlers former driver) in 1968 although the name was used as early as 1963. The labels name was a combination of Thomas' surname (Thomas) and Mayfields first name (Curtis) .It is noted for being one of the first ever record labels owned by an African-American recording artist. It was located in Chicago's old RCA studio, acquired by Mayfield for cutting demos. Along with the Impressions' releases and Mayfield's own solo material, artists on or affiliated with Curtom included the Five Stairsteps, Donny Hathaway (principally as a songwriter/orchestration arranger), Linda Clifford, Baby Huey and the Babysitters, Leroy Hutson, The Natural Four, Bobby Whiteside, the Staple Singers, and Mavis Staples' solo efforts. Most of the acts on Curtom's roster were either produced by Mayfield himself, or heavily influenced by his style. Eddie Thomas later developed the Curtom subsidiary Thomas records. Curtis had previously made attempts at a record label with "The Mayfield" and "Windy C" labels

Due to the decline in popularity of soul music, the label went through varying changes of distributions from several labels - first by Buddah Records, then by Warner Bros., RSO Records, and finally Arista Records, before closing for good in 1980. The Curtom master tapes are now owned by the Warner Music Group, and all subsequent reissues have been under Warner's supervision.

1 You Waited Too Long - Five Stairsteps
2 World Of Fantasy - Five Stairsteps
3 Come Back - Five Stairsteps
4 Danger She's A Stranger - Five Stairsteps
5 Girls Are Out To Get You - Fascinations
6 Don't Change Your Love - Five Stairsteps
7 Fool For You - Impressions
8 This Is My Country - Impressions
9 Baby Make Me Feel So Good - Five Stairsteps & Cubie
10 My Deceiving Heart - Impressions
11 Seven Years - Impressions
12 Choice Of Colours - Impressions
13 We Must Be In Love - Five Stairsteps & Cubie
14 Say You Love Me - Impressions
15 Check Out Your Mind - Impressions
16 Stay Away From Me - Major Lance
17 Baby Turn On To Me - Impressions
18 Don't Worry If There's A Hell Below We're All Gonna Go - Mayfield, Curtis
19 Ain't Got Time - Impressions
20 Love Me - Impressions
21 Get Down - Mayfield, Curtis
22 Move On Up - Mayfield, Curtis
23 Freddie's Dead - Mayfield, Curtis
24 Superfly - Mayfield, Curtis
25 Finally Got Myself Together (I'm A Changed Man) - Impressions
26 Future Shock - Impressions
27 Can This Be Real - Natural Four
28 If I Were Only A Child Again - Mayfield, Curtis
29 Can't Say Nothin' - Mayfield, Curtis
30 Kung Fu - Mayfield, Curtis
31 Mother's Son - Mayfield, Curtis
32 Because Of You - Hutson, Leroy
33 It Only Hurts For A Little While - Notations
34 Sooner Or Later - Impressions
35 So In Love - Mayfield, Curtis
36 Same Thing It Took - Impressions
37 Let's Do It Again - Staple Singers
38 Loving Power - Impressions
39 First Impressions - Impressions
40 Feel The Spirit (in '76) - Hutson, Leroy
41 New Orleans - Staple Singers
42 Only You Babe - Mayfield, Curtis
43 Runaway Love - Clifford, Linda
44 Don't Give Up - Clifford, Linda
45 Between You Baby And Me - Mayfield, Curtis & Linda Clifford
46 She Don't Let Nobody But Me - Mayfield, Curtis


Anonymous said...

The reason why he closed Curtom down Cause one he wanted to raise his family. Two his so called friend and business partner Marv Scott Heiman was stealing 90% of his money. It was funny how Marv always made 40 times more money then Curtis Mayfield and bought and built he a home in HIGHLAND PARK,Chicago ILL with Cutis Mayfield's money. Marv took everything he could from the black Curtis Mayfield and took advantage of him again when Curtis had is accident.

Back in those days white's and Jews took advantage of blacks artist they really never made any money cause they were stealing everything from them. Marv was also trying to steal everything from his window and family after

Curtis died and it seems like the law lets this happens to blacks.
Which was hurting Curtis and his family. Once Curtis got hurt he let the crook back in to his life thinking he could help manage his business again with out stealing. But he did it again and sold off all of Curtis Mayfield's life and tried to make sure his family didn't have anything of Curtis or any money. Watch out for this crook Marv Jew Heiman Sussex Financial Group inc.

Eric said...

To be fair, these "whites and jews" of whom you speak weren't just taking advantage of black artists. They took advantage of white artists just the same. To me this is more an issue of greed than racism.

Henry Krinkle said...

Well said Eric. I was thinking the same thing but didn't feel like getting into a protracted debate. Thankfully, it doesn't look like it's going in that direction.

jajaonan said...

This is a superb album and blog. Thanks for being there!

I have just created a blog also - it is a forum for discussion on Fave albums - at the moment i am doing just funk. Come along



Henry Krinkle said...

Thanks - got you linked up

Vinyl4Giants said...

Damn! Can't believe I missed this one... Hope things with the babies are good. Twins, right!?!

AGS said...

Hello Mr Krinkle - I have come across your site and think it golden web gem! Would you be able to make this link work though? I'm intrigued to hear this Curtom production.

Henry Krinkle said...

I can't seem to find my copy at the moment. I'll re-post once I find it.

purple_Crayons said...

Thanks for this one, man. The Stairsteps are great. Nice find!

Bill said...

GREAT post! Many thanks.