February 21, 2008

Ween: Chocolate & Cheese Demos

Chocolate & Cheese Demos, Summer 1992:
01.I Still Love You
02.Short Span Of Attention
03.Ode To Rene
04.Feed The Fire
05.Mango Woman
06.Gabrielle (1)
07.Freedom of 76' (1)
08.Buckingham Green (clean)
09.Take Me Away
10.Sweet Texas Fire
11.Spinal Menengitis (Got Me Down)
12.Buckingham Green (2)
13.Gabrielle (2)
14.The Rift
15.Pass The Bong (young chou lin)
17.Freedom of 76' (2)
18.Buckingham Green (hiss)


Bionic Ninja said...

Thanks! Not just for this but for yr whole blog! Awesome stuff!

Anonymous said...

Thanx. Keep up the good work at these times where as the rich music companies seems to rule. Dont let them get you!.

lance said...

can we get a re-up on the c & c sessions, thanks

patrick jennings said...

yes this one isnt working anymore. anyone have new link?