February 15, 2008

Ronnie Foster: On the Avenue

On the Avenue: [review taken from Soulstrut: "When beatdiggers usually talk about Ronnie Foster they usually speak about his Two Headed Freap LP, while overlooking On The Avenue. Not only is it a lot easier and cheaper to find, but it’s also a fine peace of Blue Note Soul-Jazz from the mid-1970s. Recorded in New York City, the album was produced by George Benson. Foster and company get right into it with an original called Serenade to A Rock with a laid back, yet funky rhythm held down by Foster’s keys playing. That’s followed by the title track that starts off similarly, but instead of mellowing out like the previous song, begins to sound like Stevie Wonder, which is a good thing. Also worthwhile is Big Farm Boy Goes To A Latin city that has, as the title implies, a Latin feel to it."
1. Sernade to a Rock
2. On the Avenue
3. What Happened to the Sunshine
4. Golden Lady
5. To See a Smile
6. Big Farm Boy Goes to a Latin City
7. First Light


fliznoyd said...

Love the blog! You post good stuff!

Kevin said...

Thanks for the great stuff. I have the Ronnie Foster "Cheshire Cat", but I've never heard this one. This blog has a little of everything, and a lot of hip-hop(which is near and dear to my heart). I think you would dig my blog. It's called Eclectic Grooves and features everything from rare soul and funk to avant garde electronic and back around to free jazz and folk. I have added you to my links already. Would you add me to yours too?

Peace, Kevin


Kevin said...

Sorry, I posted the wrong url in the previous comment. It's supposed to be http://eclectic-grooves.blogspot.com

Peace, Kevin

Henry Krinkle said...

No problem. I assume you have already heard Ronnie Foster's "Two-Headed Freap". If not, you can get a copy here; it's easily his best.

Thanks for adding me to your amazingly voluminous site. I've linked you up as well.