February 21, 2008

Portishead: Non-Album Tracks

Non-Album Tracks: (thanks to wire154 who originally ripped and posted this at his site).
1. It's A Fire
2. Theme From "To Kill A Dead Man"
3. Toy Box
4. Scorn
5. Sheared Box
6. Glory Box (Edit)
7. Numbled In Moscow
8. Revenge Of The Number
9. Earth Linger
10. A Tribute To Monk & Canatella
11. Sour Sour Times
12. Lot More
13. Sheared Times
14. AirBus Reconstruction
15. Mourning Air


Vinyl4Giants said...

Yo! Linked this post from my site. Hot stuff! Put a couple of interesting thinks up I think you'll dig too! Stay up, dude. Peace!

Jim said...

Just got my hands on their 3rd album over Christmas, this is a nice bonus to it. Thanks!

hooks said...

ha a bootleg of a bootleg, incredible