January 31, 2008

The Plugz: Electrify Me

Electrify Me: The Plugz were a punk rock band from Los Angeles, California that formed in 1978. They, along with The Zeros, were the first Chicano punk bands. (There were, however, several Latino garage rock bands that predated the Plugz, notably Thee Midniters and Question Mark & the Mysterians). The Plugz melded the spirit of punk and Mexican music.

Highly recommended. If you like The Minutemen you're sure to love this album. Older pervs among us may recognize the title track from the the soundtrack to the Dark Brothers' ("purveyors of fine filth") porn classic, "New Wave Hookers". The Plugz also had a few tracks in Repo Man but none of those songs are on this album.

Thanks to wire154 who originally this posted on his blog (and you can find The Plugz 2nd album there too).
1. A Gain - A Loss
2. The Cause
3. Electrify Me
4. Satisfied Die
5. La Bamba
6. Adolescent
7. Braintime
8. Wordless
9. Let Go
10. Infection
11. Beserktown
12. Revolution
13. Mindless Contentment

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