January 22, 2009

Dusty Fingers, Vol. 10 [RE-UP]

Dusty Fingers, Vol. 10: If anyone needs vols. 11-15 let me know and I'll up them as well.
1. "Intro" - KG
2. "Son of Popcorn" - Franz Auffray
3. "The Unknown" - Brian Bennett
4. "Light My Fire" - Johnny Harris
5. "Impulsion Drums" - Barry Cooper
6. "Drum Skit 1"
7. "Drum Skit 2"
8. "Botte de Cuire" - Chapeau
9. "Requiem Pour un Con" - Serge Gainsbourg
10. "Sand and Rain" - Nancy Holloway
11. "Letrange Dr. Personne" - Carvelli
12. "Relaxed Spacious" - A. Parker
13. "Incidental Black Cloth" - K. Fleins Field
14. "Drum Skit 3"


john said...

thank you very much for this entire collection its squeezed out the rest of the tunes on my ipod except my dylan set too bad few take the time for giving credit where credits due and you my friend deserve it good taste and hard word rarely get its due these days funny /sad isnt it ? anyway thanks once again

Henry Krinkle said...

Many thanks. I'll be posting vols. 11-15 soon so you may want to make some room on your ipod.

john said...

i'll need a bigger ...nay i'll just suffer through it life isnt meant to be easy just enjoyed thanks

Marcus said...

ah.. great site, man. did you ever post vol. 2? I don't see it.

edmundo said...

All praises due to the mighty henry, from the dusty streets of South Africa.

Paco6x said...

please re-up this file but no with mediafire.With sharabee(rapidshare,badongo,zshare,megaupload)

dj splitz said...

Nice one for these, had a few of them but nice to complete the set. Could you please Re-up vol. 10 as link seems dead. Many thanks, keep on bloggin'

dj splitz said...

Thank's for the re-up henry. if you could post 11 -15 too that would be cool. Cheers

Marzek said...


Henry Krinkle said...

The Rapidshare link is down but the rest are still good.