September 1, 2007

Strictly Breaks: Volume 8

Strictly Breaks, Vol. 8:

1. "Hi-Jack" - Enoch Light
2. "Pigs Go Home" - Ronald Stein
3. "I Wanna Stay" - Barry White
4. "Blow Your Head" - The J.B.'s
5. "The Fox" - Don Randi
6. "The Morning Song" - Les McCann
7. "Vibrations" - Buster Williams
8. "The Rub" - George & Gwen McCrae
9. "Psycho" - Bernard Herrmann
10. "Love Till Tomorrow" - Pablo Today
11. "Down Home Girl" - The Coasters
12. "Big Bad John" - Big John Hamilton


Umberto said...

Krinkle, you got the password on these?


Henry Krinkle said...

If there's ever a password requested it's "krinkle".

This is one of the last remaining Mediafire links so get it before they delete it.

Anonymous said...

The pass doesn't work maybe the source is deleted
Is it possible to Re-Up
Thanks for the sharing.......Woaw!!
(It's the same prob for volume 9)

Anonymous said...

OUPS the Pass work's
Sorry and thanks for the gold sharing.

Anonymous said...

THX Again Friend!!!