September 11, 2008

Mo'Wax Compilation: Headz 2B [RE-UP]

Thanks again to Cheeba for these high quality rips.
CD 1:
1. Luminis: Spectral Arc (6:17)
2. Luke Vibert: Sharp A2 (6:40)
3. Money Mark: World Lesson Part II (2:31)
4. Twig Bud: Swiss Air (4:15)
5. UNKLE: The Time Has Come (Portishead remix) (4:22)
6. Grantby: It's Coming (6:09)
7. Donut Productions: Wirecutter (4:56)
8. Dust Brothers, The: The Groomsman (3:21)
9. Skull: Crash (5:56)
10.Beastie Boys: Flute Loop (Instrumental) (2:00)
11.DJ Krush: Maze (5:16)
12.Attica Blues: Sketch (3:14)
13.Jungle Brothers:Ultimatium Ultra Mix (Jungle Beats/Jungle Bass) (4:31)
14.Danny Breaks: Science Fu Beats (5:38)
15.Force, The (12): Future Tense (7:18)

CD 2:
1. Palm Skin Productions: The Beast (remix) (5:43)
2. Peshay: The Real Thing (9:09)
3. Dillinja: In The Mood (6:04)
4. DJ Krust & Roni Size: Tribetoon (6:18)
5. Source Direct: The Silent Witness (7:05)
6. As One: The Counterpoint (8:06)
7. Innerzone Orchestra: Bug In The Bassbin (Street Mix) (4:38)
8. Black Dog Productions: Object Orient (5:42)
9. Special Forces: Trilogy (13:41)
10.max 404: Quiddity (Last Visit) (6:32)
11.Zimbabwe Legit: Shadow's Legitimate Mix (6:21)


don said...

Hi ,

This is Mo' wax cd 2a and cd2b. The same as the previous post from last month
Something went wrong?


Henry Krinkle said...

You're right - looks like I screwed up the links somehow. Check back in a few days - I'll get it fixed.


don said...

Thanks Henry,

I was around when Mo'Wax first hit the scene.
Solid and in tune with the vibe.
One of the best compilations.
Timeless. Like all great music.


Henry Krinkle said...

My pleasure. Mo'Wax is a great label and this compilation is pure gold.

I'll be putting up the original Headz compilation along with Ape vs. Mo'Wax soon.

colemanrobert said...

keep on diggin out the mowax
it can't be beat

Anonymous said...

I had some mysterious problems with extracting files downloaded from badongo. I tried once again from zshare and everything worked well. Strange...

Anyway, thanks a lot for all these great tunes!!!

Henry Krinkle said...

Glad to hear you worked it out and enjoying the tunes. Thanks for stopping by.

David Michael said...

Thanks so much Henry, I was a huge MoWax fan when this first came out, it was the soundtrack to my High School years. Now 28, i have been dying to hear it again, having lost my original.


third_eye said...

First and foremost, this is a wicked blog, man. Thx a million for all your effort keepin it up. As to the album, CD1(well, most of it) is of rather low quality-128kbit, unlike CD2. Could you upload a better version, please?

Henry Krinkle said...

Unfortunately, that's the only copy I've been able to find. I don't have the original and it's not my rip. If I find a better version I'll re-up.

Apani said...

Thank you for these!

Anonymous said...

Thank you! I've been looking for these for a while ... had them on Vinyl once, but (unfortunately) I was forced to sell my collection ...

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re up please