August 15, 2007

The Ultimate Lessons, Vol. 2

2nd installment in series from Cut Chemist, DJ Shadow, Double Dee, Steinski and Coldcut. If anyone has Ultimate Lessons 3, please let me know in comment section.

Part 1.
Part 2.

1. Double Dee & Steinski:Lesson 4 (Solid Steele Edit- COldcut remix)
2. Coldcut: Say Kids (What Time Is It?)
3. Cut Chemist, Nu-Mark, DJ Shadow: Live Lesson D
4. TD: Feelin' James
5. DJ Bombjack: Lesson 7
6. Coldcut:Beats & Pieces
7. Double Dee & Steinski: Jazz
8. Big Apple Productions: Genius At Work
9. Double Dee & Steinski: Sugar Hill Suite
10.Coldcut: Coldcut Vs The Godfather
11.Coldcut: Payback
12.Cut Chemist: Live Lesson E


Matthew said...

I have Vol. 3 on vinyl, it's pretty awesome. I especially love the DJ Format track.

Henry Krinkle said...

I've been looking for that. Are you able to up it on your site or is it vinyl only? I'd love to hear it.

Fadel said...

Hey dude,

I`ve just found your blog and it`s amazing! lots of good music here!!

Is there any chance of getting the pwd needded to unlock the file in order to DL it??

Thanks in advance!

Henry Krinkle said...

Password is: KRINKLE

Fadel said...

Thanks Henry,

Let´s check it out!

See ya!