August 10, 2007

Tribe Vibes, Vol. 4

Tribe Vibes, Vol. 4

1. The Young Rascals - 'Sueno' (Used For I Left My Wallet In El Segundo)
2. Sugar Hill - 'Summertime (Skit)' (Used For After Hours)
3. Sly Stone - 'Runnning Away' (Used For Description Of A Fool)
4. PeechBoys - 'Don't Make Me Wait (Skit)' (Used For Description Of A Fool)
5. BT Express - 'Still Good - Still Like It' (Used For Description Of A Fool)
6. Weather Report - 'Vertical Invader' (Used For Mr. Muhammad)
7. Charles Wright - 'Fried Okra' (Used For 'Spirits' & 'Can I Kick It?')
8. Eighties Ladies - 'Turned On To You' (Used For Butter)
9. Kool & The Gang - 'Give It Up' (Used For Scenario)
10. George Duke - 'North Beach' (Used For Midnight Marauders)
11. Albino Gorilla - 'Psychedelic Shack' (Used For Midnight Marauders)
12. Howard Roberts - 'Roadwork' (Used For Keep It Moving, K.I.M.)
13. Sly Stone - 'Take My Advice' (Used For 'Award Tour' & 'Sky Pager')
14. Heatwave - 'Mind Blowin' Decisions' (Used For Stressed Out)
15. A. Baker - 'Good Love' (Used For Stressed Out)
16. Ohio Players - 'Pain' (Used For What Really Goes On)
17. Rodney Franklin - 'The Watcher' (Used For Wordplay)
18. Michael Urbaniak - 'Sound Pieces' (Used For Motivators)
19. T. Tei - 'Dubnova (Pt. 1 & 2) (Skit)' (Used For Find A Way)
20. Feather - 'Goin' Through Changes' (Used For Start It Up)
21. Aswad - 'Not Guilty' (Used For His Name Is Mutty Ranks)
22. Singers Unlimited - 'Sweet Georgia Brown' (Used For Start It Up)
23. Ronnie Laws - 'Tidal Wave' (Used For The Love)
24. Mahavishnu Orchestra - 'Miles Beyond' (Used For Same Ol' Thing)
25. Allen Toussaint - 'Get Out My Life Woman' (Used For Glamour & Glitz)


Darren said...

Yo amigo, great post, prombem is its asking for a password before i download?? do you know what it is??
if you could hit me up with it twud be cool, thanks

keep posting


Henry Krinkle said...


Anonymous said...

Henry Krinkle... You're my new hero!
I've been looking for these Vol 1 & 4 for years now.. collection is now complete thanks to you! Mad respect for that. Thanks for the links.

Anonymous said...

classic :)

50cent - my arse!

tito_jackson said...

You're a saint. My Tribe Vibes Collection is now complete!!!!!