September 26, 2008

SPACED: Soundtrack to the TV Series

Spaced: Bumped to top of the page because this show was finally released on DVD in the US. For those unfamiliar, Spaced was the predecessor to Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz (written and directed by Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright, respectively).
1. "Warm Up Music" - Daisy
2. Theme Of Luxury
3. Count Five Or Six
4. Beat Goes On
5. "We're A Couple" - Daisy and Tim
6. Gritty Shaker
7. Smash It
8. There Must Be An Angel
9. "It's Over" - Daisy
10. Homespin Rerun (Kid Loco Space Raid Remix)
11. "We're Gonna Get Our Dog Back" - Tim
12. Absurd (Whitewash Edit)
13. More Beats And Pieces
14. Morse
15. "If We Have It, They Will Come" - Daisy
16. Bobby Dazzler
17. Delta Sun Bottleneck Stomp (Chemical Brothers Remix)
18. "Disco Fudge" - Tyres
19. Synth And Strings
20. Test Card
21. "This Party Is Rubbish" - Tim
22. King Of Rock And Roll
23. S'il Vous Plait
24. "Fake Sex Noises" - Daisy & Tim

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