August 21, 2007

Product Placement Breaks

Original songs used to construct DJ Shadow & Cut Chemist's "Product Placement":
1. Milton Floyd - I Am Shadow
2. Dennis Coffey - A Whole Lot Of Love
3. Eddie Simpson - Big Black Funky Slave
4. Charlie Whitehead - Lets Do It Again (Part 3 And A Half)
5. Cold Grits - Its Your Thing - Cold Grits
6. Backyard Heavies - Expo 83
7. Timmy Thomas - Sexy Woman
8. Bobby & James Purify - I'm Your Puppet
9. CD III - Get Tough
10. Davy DMX - One For The Treble
11. Newcleus - Destination Earth
12. The Phenomenals - Soul And Sunshine
13. Communicators And Black Experience Band - The Road
14. Earnest Jackson - Funky Black Man
15. The Commodores - Keep On Dancing
16. Gerald Wilson - California Soul
17. The Messengers - California Soul
18. The Poets - Fun Buggy
19. The New Seekers - It's The Real Thing
20. Ivor Raymonde Orchestra - It's The Real Thing
21. Milk - The Basic
22. Larry Sanders - Story Of My Love
23. Rodney O And Joe Cooley - Cooley High
24. Logic Circuit - Motocross (Pt 2)
25. David McCallum - House Of Mirrors


paul said...

You're blog is fatastic mate! Keep em coming...

Henry Krinkle said...

Many thanks. I have another nice one that should be up shortly. Enjoy.

To anyone who reads this, any opinions on the best free hosting for files larger than 100MB? I used to use Sendspace but they delete the file after 7 days of inactivity. For now I'm using Megaupload but open to any suggestions.


Paul said...

give me an email address (or myspace me) and I'll send you my rapidshare account details.

Any other strictly breaks would be wicked...


Henry Krinkle said...

Paul: thanks for the offer. Does Rapidshare allow files over 100 MB? I thought that was the limit.

Henry Krinkle said...

Paul: also, I have all 25 volumes of Ultimate Breaks & Beats and a few of the Strictly Breaks series. I hope to put them up soon. If you have anything I might be missing, let me know.

I'm currently trying to track down the Black Sheep Collection, Vol. 1 from Strictly Breaks.

Paul said...

Hey man, i think there isn't a limit providing you have an account, which I do...

drop me a line at and I'll sort you out...

PS the Strictly Breaks comps are what I'm really looking for but all is appreciated! Keep it up!¬

E.P. said...

This blog is great, but I'm having trouble with the mediafire files. Anyone else? After listening to the brainfreeze breaks I'm dying to check this one out too.

Henry Krinkle said...

e.p.: Mediafire has been buggy lately - I'm not sure why this keeps happening but I'll get the link back up. Check back in a day or two.

Also, have you been having trouble with any other links?

Anonymous said...

Any chance of renewing this link? It seems that mediafire has removed it. I'm well desperate to hear this album!!!

Anonymous said...

agreed, do you have brainfreeze on link?

Henry Krinkle said...

It's posted here:

Henry Krinkle said...

Link didn't post. Just search on my site, it's here.

Anonymous said...

Thank God for your blog. I've been looking for this damn record EVERYWHERE, and all for the Ivor Raymonde track.