July 24, 2007

Justin Warfield: My Field Trip to Planet 9

Prince Paul production. Highlights are "Fisherman's Grotto" and "Cool Like the Blues"

1. Tequila Flats
2. 'Introducition' By Ellis Dee
3. Dip Dip Divin'
4. K Sera Sera
5. Fisherman's Grotto
6. Live From The Opium Den
7. Glass Tangerine
8. Guavafish Centipede (Aquatic Meditations)
9. Teenage Caligula
10. Cool Like The Blues
11. Drugstore Cowboy
12. Pit It Up Y'all
13. B Boys On Acid
14. Stormclouds Left Of Heaven
15. Thoughts In The Buttermilk
16. Tequila Flats (Ghosts Of Laurel Canyon)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this. Ever since my old tape bust I've been looking for this.
Love your blog. Very nice selections

Skylar said...

This was a weird album. But yo Bug Powder Dust, that right there is the hype shit.

Jim said...

Yeah, i heard of him through the track he did for Chemical Bros. 'Not Another Drugstore' cracking track. This i think is going to be an interesting listen too. Thanks!

Gauti said...

Dude, this is like the best blog in the history of bloggage. So much stuff here that I've been looking for for years! Keep up the awesome, awesome, AWESOME work. Mad respect.